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I'm Rachael Unsworth, urban geographer and enthusiastic communicator.

Scheduled tours suspended for now.

Virtual tours now launched - first on Sunday 29 November.

I take advance bookings for private tours.

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For a taster, click here for some short tours recorded for East Leeds FM.

And here I talk about the River Aire flowing through Leeds: 

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Featured tours

Prepare to be hooked on the history and geography of our regional capital

How green is our city?

By 2020, all communities around the world were to aim to meet the targets set out in their Local Agenda 21. These documents were drawn up in the 1990s to shift towards sustainability by integrating economy, environment and society.

How far has Leeds got? What more remains to be done?

Come and explore parts of the city with me and be inspired to continue the drive towards enhanced wellbeing, resource efficiency, environmental quality and social equity.

Chapel Allerton - hamlet to suburb 

A rural retreat for merchants of the pre-industrial era attracted entrepreneurs, bankers and other prosperous families in the nineteenth century.

As the population of Leeds grew and the trams made the village more accessible, so housing developments filled in fields and former gardens.

You'll see a sequence of maps and gain an overview of the evolving settlement, some of the main players and some of most notable and quirky features of this fascinating little place that long ago became engulfed in the city of Leeds.


Real walking tours round Chapel Allerton will come soon(There will be a small charge.)

Book here for 16:00 on Sunday 29 Nov

Book here for 20:00 on Tuesday 1 Dec

Leeds: Cradle of Innovation

The making of a city and the making of a book.

The innovators of past and present who feature in our 2018 book ‘Leeds: Cradle of Innovation’ come from so many different fields. It's not all about wizardry with machines; it's also about new processes, ways of organising and presenting, ways of improving life and the world.

We included engineers, commercial & social entrepreneurs, scientists, technologists and all kinds of artists.

Learn about how we made the book and how we could pick up on the lessons from all these inspiring stories.

Book here for 16:00 Sunday 6 December

Book here for 20:00 Tuesday 8 December


A tour for alumni returning to Leeds after 50 years

The group asked for a campus tour in the morning of their reunion. After a pub lunch they came with me to see how much of the city centre they still recognised. Some surprises were in store. as well as some familiar old favourites.

"Everybody found the itinerary interesting and they all enjoyed your commentary. It was particularly interesting to see bits of Leeds that we didn't know existed and to hear about its evolution and plans for the future. I was amazed how much knowledge you were able to share with us. The tour certainly helped to make our reunion weekend a successful one”.

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This is part of the map of Leeds in the early 20th century.

Can you still find your way around? 

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