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Walk the streets of Leeds with me. After a two-hour tour you’ll have a much richer understanding of the place than you’d get from just an App or a map because I have so many inside stories and a vivid way of telling them.

I’ve been learning about the city since starting to lecture in urban geography in the mid-90s and I’ve been involved in many events, research projects and debates about how the city evolves. I’ve been both participant and observer - inside history as it unfolds. But I'm a geographer, not a historian, so my approach is about explaining why we see what we see today, how the city is functioning and how it's facing up to the challenges of the future.

During my years as a lecturer at the University of Leeds (1994-2013) I gave many tours for students, visiting scholars and community groups.

I grew up mostly in Yorkshire, went away to do a degree and PhD in geography (my research was on Asians in British cities) and then I was a researcher in a London surveying firm. 

Here's my CV.  It includes the two books illustrated here. I draw on 'Leeds: Cradle of Innovation' for many of the tours.

Since 2013, I’ve been a freelance researcher, writer, editor and tour guide. 

I moved to north Leeds in 2015. Visitors usually get at least the ‘tiny ten-minute tour of terraces’.

Here are some examples of published work on Leeds: 

(Not formally published papers and book chapters because journal and book publishers hold copyright.)

This is a presentation giving an introduction to 'futures thinking' and how it could help Leeds:

Visions for the Future of LeedsHow could global, national, regional and local trends influence the way Leeds develops?

Cover of Leeds: Cradle of Innovation
21st century Leeds - cover.png
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