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Late light in Leeds

Evening tours have been a popular option since we were allowed to gather outdoors. It’s a great time to see the city … if the weather co-operates. And there have been several outings with perfect conditions. During ‘Ace architects of Victorian Leeds’ we enjoyed the illumination of the north side of buildings, which are usually harder to appreciate in the middle of the day. Oblique, late light shows off the details very well and warms the colours.

Victorian warehouses in Wellington Street, Leeds.

From 6:30pm there’s generally less traffic, construction work is on hold and there are no buskers. Many of the excellent musical performers in the city centre have powerful amplification against which even my stentorian voice offers feeble competition. I deliberately don’t use a PA system, not least so I’m not creating more sound pollution than necessary. I’m audible for the group of walkers but can’t be heard two streets away.

An evening tour of 'Waterways & bridges of Leeds' - the bit where I talk about the Flood Alleviation Scheme, designed to protect the city centre. Phase 1 was completed in 2017 and Phase 2, further upstream, is under way.

Would you like a bespoke outing for your family, company or community group? I’m sometimes available at quite short notice. There are some dates available in July, more options in August and we’ll still have evening light in September. Send me a message to

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