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Pandemic ponderings

While the geographical elements of this global phenomenon are fascinating, there are so many anxiety-inducing personal implications for us all.

You won't be surprised that I'm wondering, though, if some walking tours might be able to proceed, despite the microbiological challenges that beset us.

The shutdown of events and other public activities is now official policy. But small group walking tours are not in the category of activities listed in the 17 March briefing. The majority of people who come on my scheduled tours are local residents. Even the tours that I’ve scheduled to coincide with events that will be cancelled (Zero Waste Fashion, Digital Festival, International Festival, Maurice Beresford’s centenary, Leeds Indie Food Festival) could still go ahead. People who’ve had time freed up by cancellations elsewhere and those who’ve been fortunate enough to recover will be particularly keen to have some interesting activities to attend.

I am over 60 (just) but have no ‘underlying conditions’, apart from optimism.

In case you're brave and keen enough to join me, the schedule of public tours for the next few months is online. I'll endeavour to keep to the schedule as long as my own health holds up and there are no official embargoes affecting even this kind of low-risk open-air gathering. I may add other tours and will certainly take requests from those who'd like a relatively safe and healthy private outing.

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