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Young engineers go to outer darkness

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

I thought it would be tricky taking a tour that started at dusk but it turned out well. The clocks had already gone back by the time we could arrange a tour for new recruits to an engineering consultancy. After a quick overview of some historic maps in their offices we went out into the gloaming. As we headed south from Temple Works in Holbeck, the senior colleague who had commissioned the tour, asked:

“Where are you taking us, Rachael?”

“That’s part of the point”, I said, “to parts of Leeds that you’ve never got round to seeing before. The fact that it’s so dark out here is a sign of just how much scope there still is for regeneration – involving companies like yours”.

Here’s what they said later:

“Our new trainees thoroughly enjoyed the evening. They all said that they found it instructive and useful in a professional sense too. I really enjoyed the walk myself, and it certainly didn’t feel like we’d been out and about for nearly two hours by the time we reached the Tetley! So all round a valuable evening”.

PHOTO: Giles Rocholl

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